FII as a company

Capital, expertise and networks

We operate as an active minority owner, providing access to business expertise and international networks enabling a company to pursue its growth strategy. We operate on market terms, hand-in-hand with private investors on the same terms as them and with the same expectations for returns.

As a state-owned investment company, our mission is not only to be commercially profitable but also to develop Finland’s venture capital and private equity market as well as to promote Finnish business and Finland’s economic growth.


We invest in growth and we develop Finland’s investment industry

Finnish Industry Investment Ltd was founded twenty years ago to develop Finland’s private equity and venture capital sector.

We work hand-in-hand with private investors from Finland and abroad, thus increasing risk-taking capability, the availability of funding, investment expertise and available networks. We focus our investments on companies seeking international growth and exports and on funds investing in them.

One goal of our investment operations is to increase the average size of Finnish funds, thus enabling them to finance their portfolios also with later rounds of fund-raising. By investing in international funds, we boost foreign funds’ interest in Finnish growth companies while simultaneously developing and internationalising Finland’s investment industry.

In direct investments, our objective is to strengthen expertise and active ownership in portfolio companies in order to enhance their growth, profitability and value creation.

Investment focus



We are an investor of international repute and an active owner respected by our portfolio companies

  • We are well known for our professionalism and expertise
  • We flexibly and swiftly seize opportunities offered by changes in the business climate
  • We are an active owner and we provide the expertise of our extensive network of partners in addition to financing
  • We operate responsibly, aiming for both a beneficial social impact and profitable investment

Operating principles

Operation on market conform terms

Each investment is always made hand-in-hand and on equal terms with a private lead investor or investors.

Profitability and impact

Our aim is not only to be commercially profitable but also to develop Finland’s venture capital and private equity market as well as to promote Finnish business, employment and economic growth.


We address and promote the principles of responsible investment not only in our own operations but also in those of our portfolio companies and funds.