Economic impact

Investors build growth

Private equity and venture capital investors have a beneficial impact on the competitiveness, productivity and innovations of their portfolio companies. Growth and the creation of new business necessitate the taking of risks, and risk-taking depends on the risk financing that these investors provide.

FII’s portfolio companies have on average clearly outperformed Finland’s national economy. In 2015, for example, the aggregated net sales generated in Finland by our Finnish portfolio companies grew by some 12% in 2014 and, correspondingly, exports rose by some 17%.

Jobs and wellbeing

The social impact of our operations is manifested through the profitable growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies as well as through job creation and the preservation of existing jobs in Finland.

Development of Finland’s private equity and venture capital industry has also been one of our company’s primary goals throughout its entire operating history. We currently focus on:

  • Catalysing private capital into private equity and venture capital funds, thus fostering growth in the size of funds
  • Channelling international expertise and capital into Finnish growth companies
  • Cooperation with the European Investment Fund (EIF)

Investment programmes

A common objective for all investment programmes is to boost the risk financing available in Finland through investment programmes that are commercially profitable in line with our operating principles. Our programmes are:

FoF Growth funds

Co-established with Finnish pension institutions, the FoF Growth funds (FoF Growth and FoF Growth II) are funds-of-funds investing in Finnish private equity and venture capital funds. FoF Growth had invested in 11 Finnish funds at the end of 2013, when its investment period expired. FoF Growth II began its investment operations at the start of 2014.

Industrial Renewal

The €100m Industrial Renewal programme is aimed at strengthening Finland’s industrial renewal and competitiveness. The focus is on medium-sized Finnish enterprises and the companies serving them. The sectors that are strategic priorities for the programme are cleantech, the bioeconomy, health technology and digitalisation.

International co-investors

In early 2015 we launched a €25m programme aimed at attracting international investors and capital to Finland, along with the international expertise and international networks they bring, to promote the internationalisation of Finnish growth companies.

Mining Cluster

We invest in the development of projects that both Finnish and foreign mining companies undertake in Finland, and in this way promote investment in and internationalisation of Finland’s mining cluster. Altogether €30m has been set aside for the investment programme.