Investment Council

Contributors of community relations

Investment Council acts as an advisory body and promotes the company’s community relations. The company’s main stakeholders are widely represented on the Council.

The members: 

Antti Tanskanen, Chairman of Investment Council
Markku Eestilä, Member of the Parliament, National Coalition Party
Marika af Enehjelm, Executive Director Innovation Management, Minimax Viking Group
Ari Korhonen
, Angel Investor
Olli Koski, Chief Economist, SAK, Central Organisation for Finnish Trade Unions
Veli-Matti Mattila, Chief Economist, Federation of Finnish Financial Services
Pirita Mikkanen, Chairman of Lifa Air Oy
Arto Pirttilahti, Member of Parliament, Centre Party
Ville Skinnari, Member of the Parliament, Social Democratic Party
Pekka Soini, General Director, Tekes
Tommi Toivola, Senior Advisor, Financing, EK
Kaj Turunen, Member of Parliament, The Finns Party