Responsible and long-term investor

We invest in venture capital and buyout funds, with the objective of developing the venture capital and private equity market in Finland.

We make investments on market terms and our investments are directed at the most promising, selected players. We require our portfolio funds to operate actively in the Finnish market. Our commitments typically range between €5m – €15m.


Investment focus

Venture capital funds: Our home market is the Nordic countries. To a limited extent we make selected investments also in international venture capital funds to catalyze the financing and expertise available to the Finnish ecosystem. International investments are typically focused on later stage venture capital funds or in funds able to provide certain expertise lacking from the Finnish market.

Buyout funds: Our main market is Finland and, in some cases, other Nordic countries. We invest in SME buyouts and growth funds as well as in mezzanine funds.

Investment criteria

Our portfolio funds contribute significant added value to growth companies. We require the investment team to commit to the fund and invest in it themselves. We require existing teams to have a strong track record. We also act as a catalyst for the entry of new teams that possess expertise relevant to their fund's investment strategy.

The managers of our portfolio funds operate in line with the principles of responsible investment and assist portfolio companies in corporate responsibility issues.

The FoF Growth funds

We manage two FoF Growth funds (FoF Growth and FoF Growth II), which are funds-of-funds co-founded together with Finnish pension funds. The FoF Growth funds invest in venture capital and buyout funds operating mainly in the Finnish market.