Lifeline Ventures – a new-generation VC investor

Lifeline Ventures is a business accelerator that invests in early-stage health, web and games start-ups aiming for global category leadership. Its founders Petteri Koponen, Timo Ahopelto and Ilkka Paananen are experienced entrepreneurs.

Lifeline Ventures expanded its resources in March 2012 with the launch of the Lifeline Ventures Fund I, in which Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company, FoF Growth, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finnvera, Troll Ventures, Juuranto Invest and Lifeline’s founders invested €20 million. FoF Growth is a fund jointly founded by Finnish Industry Investment Ltd and Finnish pension funds.

Lifeline Ventures invests in IT and healthcare companies with the potential to be world-class leaders. An investment prospect must meet three strict criteria:

1) the potential to transform into a potential market leader or to create an entirely new market around a product. 

2) strong growth potential, with the target being that sales exceed €100 million at the time of exit.

3) expertise available within the company: at least one key person able to grow with his/her company must be among the founders.

“We only want to participate in projects that are sufficiently ambitious. The involvement of international investors, who are only interested in big opportunities, is also a decisive factor,” says Timo Ahopelto of Lifeline Ventures.