Creandum III - international capital to Finland

Finnish Industry Investment has invested in Creandum in order to attract international venture capital to Finland. Before the most recent commitment of 7.5 million euros in May 2012 to the Creandum III fund, Finnish Industry Investment had invested in Creandum some five years ago.

In addition to capital, Creandum brings a much needed international perspective for young Finnish companies. With a roster of strong contacts from around the world, Creandum can help companies get over the initial hurdles of the start-up phase.

“The Creandum funds always make investments with a local co-investor,” says Creandum's Staffan Helgesson. “This gives Creandum the advantage of having someone on the ground nearby at all times. The insights of a local co-investor also help to ensure that Creandum funds are making wise investments.”

Creandum is on good friendly terms with a number of local venture capitalists in Finland. “Finnish Industry Investment has been a great partner,” Hegelsson says. “We truly appreciate their unique long-term perspective. They have a lot of experience and understand building great companies takes time. When you can position yourself for the long term, you will also be there to reap the rewards,” he emphasises.